Book Review: Rebecca Solnit’s Infinite City

In 2010, Rebecca Solnit published Infinite City,  a book that looks at mapping processes in a beautiful and innovative new way. These maps are visually compelling, artfully constructed and also tackle socially, environmentally and politically relevant material. She stated in a 2010 interview “Cartography used to be both an art and a science. I wanted to return to that.”

The Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery currently has six prints of Solnit’s Infinite City maps on display in our map show, Vanishing Point: Uncovering Invisible Boundaries, Rare Maps and Systems of Thought.  For more information about Rebecca Solnit, her Infinite City book  and other projects check out her website  Some more photos of her maps are viewable in an article, Rebecca Solnit’s ‘Infinite City’ Maps SF in a Whole New Light featured at

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About CCSC Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at San Francisco State University is a student-run and student-funded program of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The gallery is dedicated to bringing the visual and interdisciplinary arts to the multicultural student body at San Francisco State University through a diverse series of exhibitions of both student and non-student work.
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