Maritime Artist Interview: Jessy Gaumann

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Jessy Gaumann  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you became involved in art making?

I was born in Switzerland but grew up along the Central Coast of California. I have always been interested in making art, but started taking it really serious in 2007 when I was offered to be in a show with my very talented painter friend Chris Love. Through that experience I realized that this was something I wanted to be a part of my life forever. After finishing at community college, I tried to go do my undergraduate work in Switzerland but it did not work out. After moving back, I decided San Francisco was the place for me. At SFSU I met many amazing professors and friends that have inspired me to continue to work on my art now that I just graduated.

What attracted you about working in an artist collective?

I believe that working with other artists is the only way to survive in the art world. I think we push each other to continue to work hard at what we do best and being around other working artists is a huge inspiration.

Explain your artistic practice…

I consider myself a mixed media painter. For a time, my artwork correlated with my concern over the state of our environment. I was trying to make work that was visually appealing, but contained a larger message about how our environment is changing due to human population. I was basing my paintings on research that I did and then translating my findings into artwork. Since the beginning of this year, my work has taken a much more personal turn. My goal is to create a body of work that explores memory. These artworks depict scenes of past experiences in my life that I can’t get out of my head, even though at times I would rather forget about them. I began to question what memory really is. Sometimes a smell can bring me back to a certain second that I would not have marked as significant at the time. I am interested in using the ephemeral nature of memory, and creating personal maps that derive from explorations through recollections.

What artists do you look up to, or influence your work?

Adriane Colburn is my favorite artist (and she has a show up at the Superfrog Gallery RIGHT NOW in SF, check it out!) I also am inspired by Sterling Ruby, Annie Lapin, Matthew Ritchie, Paul Wackers, Val Britton, Gail Dawson, Chris Love and Joshua Nissen King.

What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

I am inspired by many things, but living in beautiful San Francisco is a huge part of that. Being a part of the Maritime Art Collective has kept me hustling and always looking for places for us to show and events for us to be a part of. I keep myself motivated by going to as many art shows that I can as well as following art blogs and spending time around fellow artists.

Whats next for you as an artist?

I am currently searching for a space to open a store, gallery, and studio space in SF. Through my studies at SFSU I have become incredibly interested in exhibition design and want to be a part of the amazing art community in SF by adding also contributing some amazing shows! I would like to have studio space at this location so that the Maritime Art Collective will have a base to work out of so we can continue to make art. Stay tuned!

Here is her piece that is part of the Maritime Art Collective’s show at our gallery:

Two yarn pieces:

Timeline: Sergio and Joshua

Yarn on plastic


Piece in the middle:

Don’t Be a Buto

Lipstick and gel medium on bathroom mirror


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